2 thoughts on “Neuromarketing aplicado al sector Turismo y la gastronomía. ¿Cómo seducir clientes a través de los sentidos?

  1. Interesting notes that reinforce the notion that we make decisions based on what we perceive sensorially, especially when it is our disposable income in our free time, when we have to do «retail therapy» because of the stresses of our daily lives. The stores know that we are in fact doing a very short term, emotionally intense sort of shopping treatment to patch up our emotional insecurities du jour, and they know how to channel our needs to make us feel understood with our credit cards in one hand while we hold our purchases on the other. It works great, I have to say, at least for me in the short term.

    These trends have been working very well on the leisure spending (trendy clothes, foods, decor items…) but I would be very interested in seeing how very serious companies such as investment banks, international logistics companies and such could use the same type of techniques without seeming too phony. I mean, when I go to my bank (one of the biggest in the US), I always get a rejection type of feeling if I am being offered a hot beverage or the banker is too friendly. I get an «uh oh» reaction, I can’t help it, and most peers agree with me. I am not saying big chain banks should have shirtless guys in their early twenties holding signs of low interest rates but it just makes me wonder if they really think stale pop corn or bagels do it for me when I have to physically go there. It is almost painful for me to go to my bank (I am switching to a credit union for the record). What in your opinion are things that these type of companies that offer a «serious» product or service can do to make me have a hey day when I buy from them? I know most focus on values such as safety, punctuality and reliability, but in my opinion that is a given and it is no longer enough. I pay pretty penny for that, and I want to get something else. I think they could seriously benefit from a very subtle and not phony way of enchanting and engaging the customer.

    What do you suggest they do?

    • Dear Elena,
      I’m totally agree with your comments. I reply to your question about if investment banks, international logistics companies and such could use the same type of techniques without seeming too phony. Of course and even more they are starting to use those techniques because they need to understand the real ‘needs’ of consumers. (The best companies will be the ones who identify necessities of human being and cover part of them).
      One case, is Emo Insight a Spanish Enterprise who works with International Banks as ING or BBVA. Improving Experience and Emotions at the clients, to make valuable the relation and mantain fidelity. The clue: is they must give a nice and serious benefit with their products, give always the best financial advice. ‘Being trustworthy’, and gives ‘psicology warm’ with emotions and experiencias, as a way of enchanting and engaging the customer for long term. http://emoinsights.com/news/latest-news/ing-francia-con-el-customer-experience/

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